In a move to protect…

In a move to protect unborn babies, The Queensland Police Union wants to implement tougher laws on women who drink alcohol and take drugs while pregnant. In a submission to the state’s child protection inquiry, union chief Ian Leavers wrote: “Those children also deserve a right to full life and health and should not be disadvantaged simply because of the actions or inaction of their birth mother…. The state must have the ability to intervene and protect the unborn child when its mother refuses, or is incapable or unwilling, to do so.”
– Mamamia



9 thoughts on “In a move to protect…

  1. This is a civil rights nightmare!
    Any comments are welome on this latest news.

  2. Its an unborn child we are talking about. They deserve to be born healthy.
    Why do you call this civil rights nightmare?

    • It is a complicated issue.
      The current accepted thinking is that a woman has autonomy over her own body, including her pregnant body.
      If this becomes law, abortions will become illegal; the most vulnerable women in society will be targeted again like the poor and the indigenous population.
      It would be impossible to police in practical terms and so on…
      Therefore, a civil rights nightmare, I think.

  3. This sounds draconian. How about helping women who are involved with drinking and drugs beforehand so that we don’t have pregnant abusing substances?
    Also, I would think Aboriginal women might be targeted by an overzealous police force. Targeted again I should say.

    • Absolutely!
      In law, the unborn child has no rights, currently.
      Further, how could the law police pregnant women 24/7? Lock them all up in an institution for 9 months?
      Also, it is a back-door attempt to anti-abortion days, after all, couldn’t it be argued that abortions are against the unborn ‘child’s’ welfare!
      Etc., etc., etc.!!!

  4. A nightmare indeed.
    Why not just go the whole hog and introduce eugenics??
    The more that politics meddles, the more there is to meddle IN… a pretty puzzle.
    Surely the way to go is education and information? It’d be nice to save and help everyone, but that’s life and humanity, isn’t it? We CAN’T. We do the best that we can, but people are people, and have the right to make their own choices, their own mistakes, and to learn from them. If everyone is told what to do all the time by an Authority, what is that doing to/for the personal growth of humanity…?

    • Yes, the next step would be eugenics, heaven, save us!
      The police could better use their time protecting children who are already born from paedophiles and child abusers.

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