Kim Suozzi

From Mamamia -

‘Kim raised enough money through donations to cover the procedure. And when she died on January 17 this year, she was transported to a cryogenic preservation facility on the same day and her head was cryogenically frozen.

Following her death, Kim’s boyfriend released this statement:

Our hope is that technology will continue to progress to the point that Kim may have a real chance of living again in the future. Unfortunately, the development of the requisite technologies could be decades or centuries away.

Since Kim is no longer with us to explore and innovate in the field of neuroscience, she is counting on all of us to push for the innovations she had hoped to see in her lifetime.

Until (or unless) the day comes that Kim can be brought back, remember her, celebrate her, and emulate her resilience, so we can create the future of her dreams. Nobody is too young to make cryopreservation arrangements.’


7 thoughts on “Kim Suozzi

  1. This ‘controversial process challenges how both people of faith and people of science think and feel about death’. (Mamamia – Lucy Ormonde)

  2. I’m with Gita4elemats, It does open a lot of difficult questions that can’t be readily answered, Let alone just the issue of bringing human tissue out of cryogenic stasis without it degrading to nothing since the body is so much water. But, That’s my thought on it 🙂

  3. Who knows? People didn’t survive infections not so long ago. Science and medicine are changing and evolving daily. It is interesting to think about.

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