From Sydney to Newcastle,

From Newcastle to Sydney;

From Sydney to Adelaide,

From Adelaide to Sydney,

Driving is a bore…

A drag…

A race…

A chore!


Unless…you are driving with your dogs!

Then ‘drab’ becomes ‘dreams’,

‘Boring’ becomes ‘beautiful’!

Kangaroos hop up to greet you

And wombats, too.

Possums smile, “Hello”

And cows moo,”How are you?”

While rabbits wave their ears at you!


Sheep bleat in pure bliss.

Even snakes hiss

A greeting to you!

It’s true!

So…driving with dogs

Gives you a different dimension,

A new perception,

A delightful intuition!


It’s brilliant, even!

Have you driven with dogs, lately?

I have, by heaven!

Lucky me!

So…if life’s a drag,

A race, a bore or you are feeling poorly,

Take a drive with dogs

And beautiful dreams will be yours, real quick!





One thought on “DRIVING WITH DOGS.

  1. This was written about my dogs, Sushna and Gita!

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