The Prof. could be brash, brusque and abrasive;

Yet, he was kind, gentle and humane.

In defence of a cause, he sometimes, was abusive

But to deny his immeasurable contribution would be insane!


Fred Hollows was a man of wisdom and understanding;

A man of enormous courage and laughter

With a life-long commitment, an undertaking

To rid the world of blindness and make it better.


He was a man of controversy.

He stirred up and spurred on public debate

In the hallowed halls of the university

Or in the public domain, on any date.


“I have a cancer”, he admitted, reluctantly

Yet, his vitality seemed to flow, to radiate

Till the tenth of February 1994, peacefully

The great, gruff Fred Hollows bowed out.


The sightless have lost a friend of vision,

Although countless have been touched by his grace.

The world mourns a man of controversy and compassion.

Farewell Prof. Hollows, you’ve left the world a better place!


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