Set wide…

Set wide the window.
Let me drink the day.

– Edith Wharton
The author of The Age of Innocence was born on this day in 1862.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edith Wharton

Born January 24, 1862
New York City, New York
Died August 11, 1937 (aged 75)
Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt, France
Occupation Novelist, short story writer, designer
Spouse(s) Edward Wharton (1885–1913)
Edith Wharton (/ ˈiːdɪθ ˈwɔːrtən/; born Edith Newbold Jones, January 24, 1862 – August 11, 1937) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, short story writer, and designer.


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