“THE BIG STORY: The distribution of wealth

The feral rich
What can we do to stop them?


The rich are – quite literally – destroying the earth. With their investments in oil, coal and mining, the new global oligarchs are making the planet uninhabitable. And with their friends in high places, they’re managing to block the changes that are desperately needed to tackle climate change.”
– From the New Internationalist


9 thoughts on “THE BIG STORY:

  1. A ‘must read’ story!

  2. Everything has its own price. For this so called development we all are paying & going to pay much high price.

  3. It is a sad state of affairs. I rant, I sign petitions, I vote, I call, I don’t know what else to do. I am happy to hear that Obama is going to make “global warming” his “healthcare reform” of his first term. I hope that he can find a way to make a change, even if he has to slip it through the back door like he did Affordable Care Act. He couldn’t get the votes, so he found the loophole. Voila we now have ACA! He is a wise man, and one of the very few politicians that I trust.

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