The Redfern Speech

Paul Keating’s speech at Redfern Park, 10 December 1992, at the Australian Launch of the International Year for the World’s Indigenous People.


11 thoughts on “The Redfern Speech

  1. Historic, important speech.

  2. Reblogged this on Fasting, Food and other musings by determined34 and commented:
    Thanks poet4justicedotworldpressdotcom, this is the speech I referred to in my blog today… it is seen as a defining speech on Indigenous Policy. D 34

  3. Another speech to post would be Rudd’s apology. D 34

  4. Wonderful speech, thank you for educating me as always! In reminds me of original inhabiants of my country the Native Americans and how their history was rewritten to make them seem to be uncivilized savages. History books can never be trusted.

    • Yes, it is so easy to forget the dispossessed.
      We must keep shining the light on their plight until the situation is rectified.
      Thanks for your visit and great comment! 🙂

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