India has laws …

India has laws against rape; seats reserved for women in buses, female officers; special police help lines.

But these measures have been ineffective in the face of a patriarchal and misogynistic culture.

It is a culture that believes that the worst aspect of rape is the defilement of the victim, who will no longer be able to find a man to marry her — and that the solution is to marry the rapist.

– Sonia Faleiro (a journalist who grew up in India),
New York Times


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Sonia Faleiro
Born Goa, India
Occupation Journalist, Writer
Nationality Indian
Sonia Faleiro, (born in Goa, India) is an award-winning Indian reporter and writer. She grew up in New Delhi where she studied history at St. Stephen’s College, and received her master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh.

While in graduate school, Faleiro started writing her first novel, The Girl, which was published by Penguin Viking in 2005. India Today magazine described the book as ‘epic’, dazzling’ and ‘strangely dark”. Faleiro has reported for India Today magazine and in 2007 joined Vogue (India) as a Contributing Editor. Faleiro has contributed to several anthologies, among them AIDS Sutra: Hidden Stories from India. The Guardian described her essay in AIDS Sutra as ‘urgent’ and ‘stark’.

Faleiro’s second book, Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay’s Dance Bars is a work of narrative non fiction, based on five years of research in Bombay’s dance bars. Beautiful Thing has been described as ‘brilliant and unforgettable, a book by a writer who is one of the best of her generation’.

It was Time Out magazine’s ‘Subcontinental Book of the Year, 2010’ and ‘CNN’s Mumbai Book of the Year’ . Beautiful Thing is an Economist 2011 “Books of the Year”, a Guardian 2011 “Books of the Year” and The Sunday Times 2011 “Best Travel Book of the Year”

Beautiful Thing is translated into numerous languages and published worldwide.

Faleiro lives in San Francisco.


3 thoughts on “India has laws …

  1. A change in culture takes time, and it is a change of culture that is needed in India. A growing number of people are working at it.

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