The rapes go on…

When is this rape culture going to end?



16 thoughts on “The rapes go on…

  1. Rape – ‘a rite/right of passage’?!
    This is not in a underdeveloped, poor society but in the USA.

  2. Wonderful wonderful article. Reminded me that the responsibility does NOT lie with the victims of rape, but with the people who raped.

    Someday I will have the guts to speak out about the crimes that I have witnessed. Someday I will realize that the perpetrators are to blame. Until then, I hope that more people see your post and understand the intricacies of rape and sexual assault.

    • Yes, we must circulate this message – feel free to reblog/share it!
      I hope you find the guts you are looking for, soon. 🙂

      • Hi, I just re blogged it. As you mentioned, it deserves to be heard, I hope I find the guts too 🙂 Thank you for setting the ball rolling 🙂 YOU may never know the effect you have had…. 🙂

  3. It is pure evil that causes someone to do act this way… so sad and unacceptable yet the rapist fears nothing…

  4. Reblogged this on So You Think You Can Think and commented:
    I hope that a LOT of people understand that a girl being drunk, or being vulnerable does NOT explain or validate her/him, being taken advantage of. Unfortunately I have seen my friends/ myself be in that position where we have been too “gone” to protect ourselves or have friends/ people we trusted take advantage of us.

    The worst part is, when somebody you trust takes advantage of your vulnerability, can you even call it rape?

    Watch this video, where the person clearly defines what’s wrong and what’s right.

    In a world where black and white are not clearly defined. Where the grey area is more prevalent, watch this video to gain more clarity. If you are a victim or a witness, watch this to realize that maybe, what you witnessed, was wrong. Maybe we should have raised our voices against it and spoken out.

    Maybe….Maybe..what we thought was shame…should have been outrage…..

    • Thanks Amba for spreading the word; I’m sure that every little bit helps to bring about change.
      ‘The worst part is, when somebody you trust takes advantage of your vulnerability, can you even call it rape?’ – Yes, it is still ‘rape’ as no consent was given. It is also a betrayal when it is someone you trusted!

  5. Well put. Response-able is one of the key things that’s meant to distinguish us from other animals. We seem to forget this from time to time. Being responsible means responding appropriately in any given situating so the response to a drunken/drugged girl or a young boy in the Catholic Church is never, ever, “great, how can I take advantage of that person because I’m powerful or entitled and she/he isn’t.” Likewise being responsible means challenging such behaviour if we see it happening, not joining in, turning a blind eye or making what are, quite frankly, pathetic, outdated and nonsensical excuses. The same kinds of excuses that have facilitated and sought to justify many other forms of human attrocity over the centuries. Rape and abuse are human atrocities, just like murder, slavery and genocide. It’s the 21st century, how much more evolution will it take for us to stop this and be truly response-able?

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