The leaves are falling.

There is a hint of cold

In the wind that’s calling

For Winter to take hold.


Darn, it’s cold, it’s freezing!

Where’s the snow

To break the monotony I’m facing?

That’s what I want to know!


Well, the seasons come and go.

Next year, let’s give Winter a miss –

Just jump straight from Autumn to Spring, by Joe!

Give Winter it’s marching orders: ‘Dismiss!’


Okay, I confess it,

I hate the cold!

I don’t relish it a bit.

When cold, I’m not bold.


Sweet, warm Summer days

Are what I am made for.

Warm-blooded, I long for the sun’s rays;

That’s it – Queensland, I’m bound for!




24 thoughts on “FORBIDDING WINTER (Part 4 – THE END)

  1. That is the reason I moved from Sydney to Cairns!

  2. Some for me great end! Love the picture too. Looks so lovely!! πŸ™‚

  3. I feel exactly the same and would also like to leave winter out and go directly to spring and then summer, my favorite season ..

  4. Wouldn’t that be nice!

  5. I am from America. My favorite travel was to Australia, it was a cruise from Aukland, NZ to Cairns. We got to stay an extra two weeks in Cairns, how lovely this place is! It was however the summer months and the stingers were mating on the shore. As divers this was rather dissappointing, to not get to see the Barrier Reef. So many other things to see, one of my favorite places in the world! Lovely poem!

    • Unfortunately, Summer is the worst season in Cairns – it is not just stingers, we get cyclones and floods, as well!.
      You should come back in any of the other 3 seasons.
      Thanks for the compliment and for your visit (to my blog). πŸ™‚

      • It was in 2007. I loved it so much, even with the seasonal problems with the diving and walking on the beach. The people were so warm and the landscape so breathtaking. I visited the Cairns Zoo and held a baby Koala bear. Pulled into port of the amazing Sydney Opera House at night. I got to see the sailboats do their beautiful dance on the waters. I cannot wait to post photos of my travels. I am working a blog with those as well. I actually considered a temporary Visa to work and live there for 6 months to see about relocating. I could not leave my daughter though, and she would not agree to transfer colleges. I will definitely be back to your blog, I am a follower now, I love the poetry, and I cannot wait to learn and be inspired.

      • Yes, there heaps more for you to see and do here.
        Mind you, I love Sydney more (except in Winter) – it is so vibrant and alive and also has magnificient natural wonders.
        We have an university in Cairns – JCU (James Cook University).

  6. Is Cairns in Queensland?

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