It’s the first day of July,

The first day of the month of Julius.

The rain is pouring, a bully!

The sun is hidden, hideous!


Another two months to go

Before Winter is through its season

Then it will be Spring’s do…

I can’t wait, I can’t reason!


Winter is cold, dark and clammy,

It pulls my nerves so taut

That sometimes, it makes me a dummy,

A dunce who cannot be taught.


Bears have the right idea –

They hibernate all through Winter.

They wake up fresh in Spring, my dear

And live life to the fullest, not bitter!


17 thoughts on “FORBIDDING WINTER (Part 1)

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for the share πŸ™‚

  2. I meant America.. good possibility you were from America O.o… damn typo’s

  3. Winter is cold and the days are short, but just around the corner is spring and green and growth and flowers.

  4. I enjoyed this, but was also disorientated because in the UK, our winter is in the opposite months to yours of course. Other than that, the sentiments are the same

  5. Sounds like a weather for ducks!

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