Sexual violence…

Sexual violence against women is on the rise in India and is not taken seriously as a crime: Gang rape is nothing new. In a country of 1.3 billion people, there were 24,000 cases of rape reported in 2011. And that figure has risen by 25% over the past six years according to Nicholas Kristoff in the New York Times.

This week Human Rights Watch demanded an end to India’s humiliating and medieval ‘two finger test’ on rape victims. They report: “While conducting medical examinations, many doctors record unscientific and degrading findings, which involve noting the “laxity” of the vagina or hymen, apparently to determine whether the victims are “virgins” or “habituated to sexual intercourse.”

Meanwhile police often refuse to record reports of assault and harassment by women. The public harassment or molestation of women by men in India is nicknamed ‘Eve-teasing’. Each of these tests, these myths, these practices, this slang – reinforces the community perception that women are somehow responsible for the sexual violence committed against them.
– Mamamia 14/1/13, by REBECCA SPARROW



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