Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

“”Dehabhimane galite vijnate paramatman 
Yatra yatra mano yati tatra tatra samadhayah””

“With the disappearance of the attachment of the body and with the realization of the Supreme Self, to whatever object the mind is directed, one experiences Samadhi.” Amana is a Sanskrit term which means ‘without mind.’ “Amanaskata” is a condition where there is no mind. It is mindlessness. You will find this in Jivanmuktas or liberated sages.


Jivanmukta is a sage free from the trammels of births and deaths while living. Even in the case of a Jivanmukta, though the instinctive mind with low desires is destroyed, the spiritual Sattvic (pure) mind does not perish. Like flowers and fruits latent in a seed, a residue of Sattva, the cause of intelligence, rests always in the heart. If you say that his mind is completely annihilated as soon as he attains Jnana, liberated state is impossible. How will…

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  1. Mindlessness and Purposelessness . . . . as well as Selflessness and Egolessness

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