A child living with shame learns to be guilty.

A child living with criticism learns to condemn.

A child living with hostility learns to be aggressive.

A child living with domination learns to dominate.

A child living with fear learns to be fearful.

A child living with encouragement learns to be confident.

A child living with praise learns to assure others.

A child living with fairness learns to be just.

A child living with tolerance learns to be accepting.

A child living with love learns to love.



   – Denise Linn

11 thoughts on “HONOUR WHAT IS BEST

  1. Raising a child is moulding the person-to-be.

  2. This is so very true.

  3. This I like. We have a responsibility to our children. And to help them understand the other side of the coin as well.

  4. Reblogged this on theincompetenthausfrau and commented:
    Es verdad.

  5. I love this, although it got me a little choked up. I just dropped off my son for his second day of preschool. The manager said he’s just polite, respectful and loving, which made me sniffle (more). There are all these moments I see what I’m doing wrong; it was nice to have reflected that, among with all those errors and missteps, my actions reflect all the love and care he’s surrounded by, too.

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