Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Logical Method of Negation

The toy-elephant made of wood has hidden the reality WOOD when you take it for an elephant. Even so, these names and forms have concealed the Reality BRAHMAN (Absolute) behind these names and forms. Get rid of the illusion in the mind that is deep-rooted from beginning-less time. This is wood. This is not elephant. So also this is Brahman. This is not the world. This is Soul. This is not body. This is Apavada-Yukti or application of the logical method of negation. Take out the balance left that is true after throwing off the false thing, viz., elephant, wood, body, etc.

Duality is the very nature of the mind. It can never think in terms of unity. It is through mental purity and spiritual practice that it should be trained to think in terms of unity. Clay is the only reality in all the three periods of…

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