Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean


It is the modification in the mind that binds you with the object. You identify yourself with the thought wave and, through it, with the object. That is the secret. Be a silent witness to the activities of the mind. There will be no longer bondage. Be the seer of the mind’s dramatic performances and be not involved with the mind itself.

When you see a man suffering from appendicular colic, you do not feel yourself any pain. But when you get the same colic, you cry out and experience intense agony. Why? Because of egoism you identify yourself with the body. If there is the absence of Ego, you will not feel any pain. This absence of Ego can come only when you become impersonal, when you become the one who witness, when you identify yourself with Brahman (Absolute or Supreme Soul).

“I am neither Prana…

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