Waiting anywhere is boring, tiring, a pain in the bum

But waiting at the doctor’s is the worst, by gum!

Why is one o’clock always one-thirty or two?

Why do the receptionists glare at you?


If waiting is painful when you are healthy

(It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy),

Waiting when you’re unwell

Sure must be hell!


Doctors, please, I know we are busy,

Sometimes racing around like crazy

But ‘patients’ is spelt witha ‘ts’,

Not a ‘ce’ as in ‘patience’.


Remember, they are people, like you.

So, give them and yourselves a break, too.

Designate, delegate,

Your appointments deliberate.



But don’t keep people waiting!

Wait anywhere, any time and you’ll find 

That your patience is tried

And found wanting.


Waiting sure is hell

Especially when you’re unwell.

Even if you’re healthy

And merely trying to get wealthy.


Waiting is a pain

In the bum!

A pain, I tell you,

By gum!





7 thoughts on “WAITING

  1. I wrote this while waiting for an interview!

  2. This could be a cool children’s story 🙂

  3. I see you wrote this a year ago. And it doesn’t get any better. 😦

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