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News of today’s Sandy Hook School massacre stunned the world;   though I am removed from 90 percent of television broadcasts, I am sure that everyone is searching for answers that make sense of this tragedy.   Through condolence posts, many people have found a token way to release some of their pain through the written word.   Dennis Koenig created a public-domain photo-image flag and asked that we pass it round the world as a token image of mourning.

mourn-sunrise flag of mourning

Here is his explanation of the image:

 “We need a flag dedicated to mourning and memorializing murdered children.

Any children. Anywhere. Any time. By anyone. For any reason…

…In the flag image I created today for my use on such horrible occasions, derived from a photograph I made several years ago:

Yellow is for the ache of unquenchable longing
Red is for pain, suffering, bloodshed
Black is for death…

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