Still my mind, oh my Lord Ganesha!
I know it is witty to be quick with the repartee
But occasionally, I need some peace, like Sushna;
Sometimes, I get quite sick of speeding off the tee!

Hear my prayer, oh wise and patient God
Nirvana, I have not yet got.
You are my hope and inspiration, my Lord,
Please help me live with my lot.

“Physician, heal thyself!”
I hear you say
But I’m a mere mortal, a waif;
Please help me find my way.

Peace…soft and gentle,
Flow over my body, soul and mind –
Make me quiet, content and humble
Now…that would make a fine find!

What’s that you said:
“If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”?
Excuse me, I resent the implication made –
I’m real cool, Ganesha sails my spirit!

Om, Ganesha, om…
Hear me, help me, dear Ganesha…
Do you hear me, by gum?!
Oh heck, HELP Sushna!

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18 thoughts on “A PRAYER TO GANESHA

  1. gita4elamats

    This was my very first, formal poem!

  2. You have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Thank you for sharing this!!

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  4. I love your poem, Ella especially for the great god Ganesh. I am so fond of the story of him. Who is the dog? That is not Tara.

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